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"Let's call Jean-Christophe Béney one of the best tenor players in jazz today."
Paul Olson - All About Jazz (USA. Mars 2005)

"The recent batch of CDs I have reviewed has brought it home to me how competitive the New York scene must be, with many fine, post-Coltrane styled saxophonists. But without a doubt Béney could hold his own with any of them."
Peter Westbrook - JazzReview (USA. Mars 2005)

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Jean-Christophe Béney was born in October 1969 in France. He studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris from 1993 to 1996 with François Jeanneau.

Since his professional début in 1994, his carrer has been divided between experience as a sideman, and experience (on more personal level) as composer and band leader.

As a sideman, he has played in the bands of Laurent Coq, François Théberge, Belmondo brothers big band, the big band of Antoine Hervé, and more recently in the sextet of Yves Léveillé, Effendi Jazzzlab, Auguste Quintet, or with the singers Aurélia O’Leary and Chrystelle Maechler.

As a leader, Jean-Christophe has usually prefered the classical quartet format of sax-piano-bass-drums. The band members have varied between periods. Pierre de Bethmann, Baptiste Trotignon, Laurent Coq or Steve Amirault on piano; Vincent Artaud, Clovis Nicolas, Jules Bikôkô bi N'Jami or Gilles Naturel at the bass; Benjamin Hénocq, Philippe Soirat, Karl Jannuska or Greg Ritchie on drums have played in his quartet.

Jean-Christophe has lived in Montreal since 2006. He teaches and plays regularly, most frequently with the quartet in the recording of The Link (John Roney on piano, Fraser Hollins at the bass and Martin Auguste on drums). They toured together in France in 2008 and in Western Canada in 2009. He composed, realized and produced four albums under his name (Tenor Joke, 1998, Cassiopée, 2002, Polychromy, 2004 and Pop Up, 2007). The Link is his fith one.

Discography :

  • NEW ALBUM : THE LINK  (FairrJazzi/2010) with John Roney (piano/fender), Fraser Hollins (double bass), Martin Auguste(drums) & Jean-Christophe Béney (tenor & soprano saxophone)

  • Pop Up  (Effendi/2007) with John Roney (piano/fender), Fraser Hollins (double bass), Greg Ritchie (drums), André Dupuis (percussions) & Jean-Christophe Béney (tenor & soprano saxophone)

  • Polychromy  (Effendi/2004) with Pierre de Bethmann (piano/fender), Vincent Artaud (double bass), Karl Jannuska (drums) & Jean-Christophe Béney (tenor saxophone) + guests : Arnaud Frank (congas), Michael Felberbaum (guitar) & Meta (vocals)
  • Cassiopée (Effendi/2002) with Laurent Coq (piano), Philippe Soirat (drums), Clovis Nicolas (double bass) & Jean-Christophe Béney (tenor saxophone)
  • Tenor Joke (CC Production/1998) with Pierre de Bethmann (piano), Clovis Nicolas (double bass), Benjamin Hénocq (drums) & Jean-Christophe Béney (tenor saxophone)
The Link

Some Venues  : Sunside, Duc des Lombards, New Morning, Les 7 Lézards (Paris), Moulin du Jazz (Vitrolles), Cavajazz (Ardèche), Jazz Club d'Auxerre (89), Jazz Club d’Annecy, Jazz Club de Cogolin, Hot Club de Lyon, Le Mandala (Toulouse), le Round Midnight (Limoges), Jazz Club de Chambéry, Jazz Club de Montluçon, La Combe de Louba (Ardèche), Le Griot (Strasbourg), La Tour Rose (Lyon), Le Chorus (Lausanne), Jazz Club Upstairs (Montréal), Clarendon Jazz Club (Québec) …Montréal International Jazz Festival, Ottawa International Jazz Festival, Fest. Jazz Autour des Flâneries Musicales (Reims), Fest. Jazz en Sol Mineur (South of France), Fest. l’Esprit du Jazz (Paris), Fête des Jazz Foire de Paris, Fest. Joly Jazz ...

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